Thursday, February 4, 2016

Three Questions to Ask Before Hiring Plumbing Contractors

While there are some plumbing problems you can take care of on your own in a few short hours, others will require the work of some trained and dependable contractors. Plumbing contractors have all the experience and training necessary to take care of those more serious problems plaguing your home, including backed up toilets and stopped drains. They can even help with sewer problems and when water backs up from those sewers and forms puddles around your lawn. As not all plumbing contractors are the same, it's important that you know what questions to ask before hiring one.

Do You Have Access to All Necessary Tools?

It usually goes without saying that when you hire a plumber, the professional has all the tools necessary for the job. You might find yourself surprised at how some of those contractors work though. Some will take on any job but rent equipment and tools from other companies or contractors. The plumber may hold you responsible for the cost of renting that equipment or for supplies the equipment needs like a discount hydraulic hose. Always make sure that your contractors have all the tools they need to handle your specific job.

When Did You Start Working?

Few people actually take the time to ask contractors about the amount of work experience they have. You never know when you might hire someone who has a nice website but just started working a few months ago. Knowing more about that individual's experience can help you decide whether you actually trust him or her in your home. While you might get a discounted rate when hiring a plumber new to the field, you might find yourself paying even more later to fix some of the mistakes that novice made.

Are You Licensed and Insured?

The most important question you can ask is whether the plumber is licensed and insured. This lets you know that the contractor is licensed and is able to work in your state. Insurance is equally important. Good insurance will cover any costly mistakes that plumber makes in your home. Insurance will also kick in if the contractor or anyone on the team suffers an injury on the job, which may keep you out of court. When hiring someone to take care of serious plumbing problems around your house, you want a dependable contractor you can trust.


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