Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Using Survey Companies To Make Money

In this modern world, it's often hard to make ends meet. When possible, it's both useful and wise to have several ways of making money. Individually they may not pay a lot, but collectively they may provide enough to allow for some needed things and some enjoyable extras.

One way of accumulating extra money is by taking surveys. There are many market research companies that will pay consumers to talk about products they own, products they like and dislike and occasionally test upcoming products on the market. Other companies enjoy collecting data on political and religious views, lifestyles, opinions on the environment and more. If one joins multiple survey companies, the money can quickly pile up.

Most surveys can be completed within fifteen to twenty minutes each, making it easy for many people to take them at various times of the day or night. Some companies also offer special mobile apps so that panel members can complete surveys and shopping missions on the go, making yet another way that money can be earned. Occasionally a survey will take a much longer time to complete, such as thirty minutes to an hour, but the pay-out will be higher in turn.

There are different kinds of rewards offered by survey companies. While some offer little more than sweepstakes entries, others rely on various points systems. Some points systems award points based on dollar amounts; 100 points can equal one dollar for some companies. Other points systems are either based more around cents or seem to have no apparent meaning at all. With some of the latter companies, it can be extremely difficult and time-consuming to gather as many points as will even equal a dollar.

Other survey companies offer cash, gift cards or both. Most companies have different cash-out thresholds, while certain others will pay directly on a survey by survey basis. Companies with cash-out thresholds can either pay immediately when the money is requested or take several weeks to process the request and send the reward. Such companies also usually offer different ways of claiming payment, from PayPal to checks.

Survey companies have become increasingly popular and acceptable in recent years. Companies such as Crowdology UK are so successful that they have branched out to other countries, allowing interested parties outside of the United Kingdom to join the fun. An examination of it and other survey companies may prove useful.

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