Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sports Option

We’ll be going again to our hometown province first week of next month and we’re all looking forward to that day. We will attend the wedding of my cousin’s son and have swimming afterwards. We’re planning to make the most of our travel there and to bond with our cousins there also. We love to be with them again since we’re always there only on few occasions now due to busy schedule. Mom is getting old and she’s missing her hometown, her nieces and nephews, grandchildren, relatives and lots of friends. Some of her friends passed away already and she wants to visit those who were still alive. I guess it’s really hard for someone to leave the town you’ve grown up and that’s what happened to my Mom. We relocated to our present residence now since I was 7 years old because my father lives and works at the same town.

Now that she’s at her prime years she loves reminiscing the past and loves to reunite with old colleagues and friends. Anyway I’m thinking what other sports we can play at the province aside from the usual games we played there. Upon looking at some pictures of my friends who loves shooting sports I learned that they’re playing Airsoft guns and they’re enjoying it. In fact many of the big boys are having fun with this sport they’ve discovered. Well I’m new with this one and learned through searching that it’s a plastic gun with round pellets which is slower in speed compared to real guns but a bit painful when hit. It’s a safe game because it can’t kill or cause bleeding injuries.
Well one can wear protective gears when playing airsoft guns like Airsoft AEG which is the most popular airsoft rifle to avoid being hit and to prevent painful feeling. Stores selling safety gears recommend full face shield like a mask, airsoft safety glasses for target shooting and thick outfits to reduce the pain when shot by the opponent. All in all this is a good and enjoyable sport especially for the big boys who want the fun of shooting without hurting anyone. Anyway this one need rechargeable batteries and charger so be sure to bring extra batteries so you will be able to enjoy a full day play with your friends. This is a sport that can be played indoors and outdoors so I guess this can be a good option to play in the province also.


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