Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Josh' Recognition Day

After ten months of studying hard and giving all his efforts in all their activities in class my little boy made it to the top.  It's hard to be on the top of their class because they're all good and the school choose only 3 per grade level to include in their recognition rite.  This year they've picked up 6 in Josh' class to give medals and certificates to recognize the students' best endeavor not just in examinations but in all of their school programs and extra curricular activities.

My son is very happy with the announcement that he'll be included in the ceremony for the honor students and he's so excited with their mini play and presentation.  He whispered to me that he'll be more attentive and diligent next school year so he'll be in the top 3.  For me with or without honor I'll still be proud of my son.  He'll always be the top student for me :-)

With their School Principal
With Teacher Gina

With fellow honor students


Good Flooring Options for Your Homes

It’s summer time and school break for my kids which makes my schedule more convenient for any plan I have in mind. Every summer I always schedule home repairs and renovation so I could monitor it more closely and even if I have office work I could delegate some things on my teenage daughters like food for the workers and some other things connected to home arrangement. 

Last year we had our kitchen renovated to accommodate more appliances and to replace our old tiles. The budget was just enough for the kitchen upper tiles and cabinets that the flooring were left to its old flooring. Now I’m planning to complete the renovation by planning new flooring in the kitchen area which is not that big anyway.  It would be perfect if my plan would push through because we also had complete floor replacement in our living and dining room several months back. 

Changing our flooring somehow added a more polished look on our house and created a fresher ambiance because of the light green-colored tiles we installed in the flooring. It did a lot for the house just like what  Chandler AZ flooring could also do with your homes. They offer wide array of flooring options to create a certain style and good ambiance for your home. You could choose carpet, tile, hardwood, vinyl or laminate whichever is suited for your kind of lifestyle and budget.


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