Thursday, October 28, 2010

Investment Plans

I’ve been searching for some nice sites for post ideas on my new blog when I was asked by my cousin for a suggestion on where to put his hard-earned money from his 20-year old office employment. He’s been very loyal with the company but suddenly he feels like he’s old enough to rest, relax and enjoy his life. He learned last year that I resigned and retire early in corporate office and was thinking of doing it himself since he’s older than me. He actually asked me what I will do after my resignation and was amazed that I can work online in the comfort of my home. Well we talked about his investment plans and told him about what United States Gold Bureau offers as a form of investment to their clients. He studied it and planned on talking it with his wife.

I actually don’t know anything about the company except that it offers one of the most stable kinds as investment. They provide bullion, gold coin and other similar products for their clients to buy, invest and store in safe deposit to banks. Gold has a high percentage of bringing high returns of capital and proven to appreciate value in years. It’s a good investment according to old folks but I told my cousin to think of his investment carefully before plunging into it.


Reminiscing Good Old Times

My friends and I are chatting over our experiences in our college days and we find it so hard not to laugh and chuckle over our mistakes and errors on our laboratory and electronics classes. Some can’t forget one drafting professor that’s very hard to please but been very good to me because he said he liked my penmanship. He used to give them low grades that made my friends applying for scholarship fear for qualifications. Anyway he gave me one of his highest grades but I don’t really like him. I’ve had my share of dealing with my hard subjects and thesis too but that’s the past and we just talked about it in reminiscing our times together. 

Now that we’re grown ups we can laugh at our bad moments in college and actually thanked those experiences which made us successful in our career in line with our profession or not. Some of us didn’t make it to practice what we learned in college and have been successful in different field of work. All of these we learned to accept because life sometimes give us something that we didn’t expect of having and often we’re directed to a career different from what we studied. In all of these things in mind we should give our heartfelt thanks to God for giving us guidance in all endeavours we took in our lives.


Excited Again!

I’m excited again as I bought another domain and now starting to write on my new blog. My new blog will talk about value of giving gifts, gift ideas, shopping, window shopping online, great finds, discounts, good deals and many others pertaining to gift giving and shopping. I’m just finishing tons of tasks and hoping that I can post more next week. I’m excited because I love giving gifts and ideas on how you can make your loved ones feel special.


Granny's Story About Gold Bars

My memory took me back to my childhood in our province where we used to play in the vast field, small narrow river and luscious fruit-bearing trees. It was only stories that I can share to my kids because we seldom go there and not on long period also so they didn’t experience living in the fresh and cool temperature of their Granny’s hometown. I have gold memories of my happy childhood with our dear Granny who was always there for us to give our childish whims and wishes.

I remember how she used to tell us stories of the war times when Japanese soldiers buried precious jewels and gold bars in our town. I really thought that half of those stories were fiction but after several years after she died I heard stories of land owners there who found the treasure. Still unbelievable but it’s true. Even these days they think there are more gold in those lands. Gold is really a good investment. Imagine after several decades the buried gold is still beautiful and more valuable to make anyone rich.


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