Thursday, October 28, 2010

Reminiscing Good Old Times

My friends and I are chatting over our experiences in our college days and we find it so hard not to laugh and chuckle over our mistakes and errors on our laboratory and electronics classes. Some can’t forget one drafting professor that’s very hard to please but been very good to me because he said he liked my penmanship. He used to give them low grades that made my friends applying for scholarship fear for qualifications. Anyway he gave me one of his highest grades but I don’t really like him. I’ve had my share of dealing with my hard subjects and thesis too but that’s the past and we just talked about it in reminiscing our times together. 

Now that we’re grown ups we can laugh at our bad moments in college and actually thanked those experiences which made us successful in our career in line with our profession or not. Some of us didn’t make it to practice what we learned in college and have been successful in different field of work. All of these we learned to accept because life sometimes give us something that we didn’t expect of having and often we’re directed to a career different from what we studied. In all of these things in mind we should give our heartfelt thanks to God for giving us guidance in all endeavours we took in our lives.


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