Thursday, October 28, 2010

Granny's Story About Gold Bars

My memory took me back to my childhood in our province where we used to play in the vast field, small narrow river and luscious fruit-bearing trees. It was only stories that I can share to my kids because we seldom go there and not on long period also so they didn’t experience living in the fresh and cool temperature of their Granny’s hometown. I have gold memories of my happy childhood with our dear Granny who was always there for us to give our childish whims and wishes.

I remember how she used to tell us stories of the war times when Japanese soldiers buried precious jewels and gold bars in our town. I really thought that half of those stories were fiction but after several years after she died I heard stories of land owners there who found the treasure. Still unbelievable but it’s true. Even these days they think there are more gold in those lands. Gold is really a good investment. Imagine after several decades the buried gold is still beautiful and more valuable to make anyone rich.


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