Wednesday, July 1, 2009

;WW : Mindoro Scenic View

This photo was taken on a boat leading near Mindoro, it was so beautiful to miss this scenic view that's why my brother hurriedly took a shot even if the rails was included in the photo. Our country has a lot of beautiful sceneries along many islands we just have to take care of God's beautiful blessings on us.

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Top Droppers for June 2009

Again I want to express my appreciation to these people who patiently and regularly dropped their entrecard to my site. For those people who didn't make it to top ten I would like to extend my thanks also.

Dropper # of drops
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Isker's Blog 29
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Momspective 28 28

I'd like to thank my friend In-in, a blogger friend way back since I started blogging for making it to my top ten in all of my domain blogs here, My Crossroads and Beyond Horizons, thanks sis for your visits!

Also to Lainy dear for your continued top ten honor roll :-) for many months now!


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