Saturday, November 23, 2013

Wishing for Special Guitar

I came home last night finding my daughter playing with her guitar in front of the laptop. She’s learning some music pieces via computer tutorial and she’s finding it so engaging that she forgot she would have to eat dinner first. My daughter is so engrossed in her guitar playing that she didn’t noticed me looking seriously at her smiling. 

My daughter is so fond of tinkering various instruments but her guitar is her most loved instrument so far. Since her current guitar is just the ordinary type she told me that she would love to have a special one like classic omce for her collection and for special guitar playing occasion. She’s fine with her guitar but in time she’ll need high quality instrument for better playing and for their church choir presentation.


Friday, November 22, 2013

Preparation for December Fellowship and Family Vacation

The youth in our church are gearing up for our camp meeting and as early as now they’re assigning tasks per group. They’re also searching for new songs for choir presentation as they seem to present familiar songs always. As the fellowship is coming near they noticed that they need to replace some microphones for better voice quality. Someone suggested a quality one to last for long period usage and for this they want to buy boom mic to accommodate and harmonize with drum and amplifier as well. 

Early planning and preparation is very important so we can have a fruitful and fulfilling fellowship come December. High quality musical instruments and accessories are also a good contribution for a successful occasions thus it should always be checked and noted for repair or replacement. Since we’re having it in Baguio this time maybe we’ll have some adjustments to make. We’re all excited for the coming fellowship vacation.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Maintenance of Plumbing Fixtures and More

Home is where our heart is and it should be the best place to stay so we can relax and rest the way we should be. To maximize the optimum condition of our house we should ensure that all equipment is in good working condition. The different rooms and areas must also be in the best condition possible so we can use them in every way we want. Well this sounds so easy but it’s not because maintenance requires time and attention to be able to monitor them all and see if there are repairs or replacement needed. 

I know this because in our house I help my husband in checking and ensuring that everything is in working condition because we don’t want to spend huge amount of money in major repairs. If you monitor your home regularly it will not reach major trouble or repair because you’ll be able to see it early in time. 

There are areas that are easy to control and maintain like living room, bedroom, study room and dining room but when it comes to kitchen and bathrooms there are more fixtures that need constant checking. I’m talking about things that concerns tubs, toilets, bathroom fixtures and things concerning plumbing. It needs professional expertise to repair so we should have our regular plumbing maintenance and repair service company like  plumbing Merritt Island which ensures that all plumbing installation and repairs are properly taken care of. 

They offer various plumbing services for residential and commercial with problems in electric water heater, fixture replacements, sewer and drain stoppages, slab leaks, video sewer inspections and even remodeling if you need one. You need not worry about such things as the small fixtures in your house like sinks, tubs, toilets, faucets, shower, garbage disposals and related things because their technicians can very well attend to them all with high quality service.


Monday, November 11, 2013

Three Rooms That Deserve an Update

When it comes to renovation projects, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms tend to get the bulk of the attention, and rightly so – families big and small spend the bulk of their time in one of these three rooms. But how about paying some mind to the rooms that often go overlooked? Less “public” domains deserve their share of updates, too. You might be surprised, once the work is finished, by how much the renovations – once deemed non-essential – brighten your home and make it such a pleasure to be in. 


If your basement is the place where all the old things in your house end up collecting dust, why not breathe new life into the space and turn it into a room everyone can use? Get rid of all the junk that’s accumulated and then consider new flooring, like bold tiles or plush carpet, a fresh coat of paint and updated lighting. Make it the new man cave for having the guys over or add an  Arizona granite countertop plus retro seating for a home bar that’s perfect to entertain with. 

Home Office 

Whether you work from home or simply like to maintain a workspace, when was the last time it saw something new – other than a new pile of papers that never get filed? Fresh colors on the floor and the walls can considerably brighten the area, while some home DIY is all you need to put in sleek shelves for additional storage space. The key is to consider what will help eliminate clutter and keep you organized. 

Kid’s Room 

Consider revamping your kid’s room once they hit the teenage years. Toy chests and storage bins can be replaced with an adult-size bed and a desk for doing homework. New carpet from  Superior Stone and Cabinet can replace old, drab stuff, while walls are easily painted a hip color – and then painted back to a more neutral tone once the little birds leave the nest.


Friday, November 8, 2013

Enjoying Your Time at Home

DH loves to hear music and messages via online when he’s at home and free from any school and home works. Whenever he listens he wants to focus on hearing the good messages from the ministers so he uses his head phone to somehow concentrate on what he’s doing. It’s a good way of focusing himself because he will not be able to hear the noise caused by the cars passing through the nearby road.

It would be nice if we can get ourselves a good quality headphone like beats by dr dre so he’ll concentrate more and be able to hear the message clear and crisp. It’s important that your gadget and accessories are of good quality because you can maximize the value of your time and the message that you hear. I have to remind myself to buy a good brand next time I buy a headphone for him.


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dressing Up When You’re Big

It’s always hard for women with bigger sizes to choose their clothing especially on special occasions when they need to dress up with a lot of effort. Most of these women undergone childbirth and was not able to return to their old slim bodies. I myself have added a lot of inches on my thighs and waist and through the years of married life and childbirth have succumbed to my new bigger size. Well for me it’s not that hard because I can still get my desired clothing with a size fit to my body but for others they need to get customized clothing just to fit it their dresses. 

My friend who just gave birth via caesarean delivery finds it hard to find suitable swimwear because of her newly reformed big body. She was happy to learn that there are bathing suits for plus size which will give her a good fit and decent enough for a Mom like her. It’s important that women should dress properly according to her age and status in life. You can still look fashionable without being too sexy. You just have to choose the right color, best fit and style that will enhance your best features and match up with your age as well. Dressing should be done with some consideration and not just wearing what you think is beautiful.


Saturday, November 2, 2013

New Life for Them

Life could be so harsh and painful for others which led them eventually to drug dependency. When you have a friend or a family member who resorted to this life there’s no peace within you because you’ll be worrying about him always. People with such addiction will have no good future and his health will slowly deteriorate. That’s what I observed from a cousin who spent his young life on drug addiction and spending his middle-aged years on a weak body and lonely life. 

It’s better if you will be brave enough to convince them that they should change and enter rehabilitation to save themselves from the addiction. Proper treatment can be done if attended properly like rapid heroin detox which can be a good treatment if administered by the experts and monitored properly. Treatment and rehabilitation is worth a good life ahead of them.


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