Tuesday, September 28, 2010

HCG Diet

I’m again taking a brave step towards shedding excess pounds for health reasons. I started yesterday with the no-rice meal diet during dinner and happy that I can do it again. It was my fear that I’ll have difficulty getting back to my healthy meal regimen but determination helped me. I’m actually used to having no rice last summer but when I started taking so many online works my eating habit changed and my health suffered. Now I know I should take a forward step into it because I don’t want to see myself regretting that I should have done it earlier.

As for other diet support I’m still thinking if I need one like the hcg injections I browsed online which is very effective but has some risks when injected improperly. Patient can get bruises, sore or cysts so there are other options available which has the same effects as this one like oral hcg which must be refrigerated and injectable but when mixed with certain acids can be absorbed through mouth just like other oral supplements. This is the better option for those who feels awkward with injection but both forms are of the same effects. 

They also have this hcg diet which helps to eliminate abnormal fat first and corrects the metabolism of the patient. We all know that metabolism plays an important role on how a person can easily shed off or gain excess pounds. This will help the patient maintain their bodies after the weight loss program. All patients who have undergone a weight loss program should maintain to have a well balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, fish, poultry and meat. Our body needs all these foods and we must refrain from eating fatty foods. Drinking water often is a plus factor too because it eliminates fake hunger too.


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