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Organization Is the Key to Couponing Success

Couponing is a proven way to save money that has grown at a seemingly exponential rate over the past few years. From the mainstream television shows depicting extreme couponing, to the wildfire of coupon blogs quickly spreading across the Internet, there is plenty of information surrounding this money-saving technique. While this information is helpful, it can quickly overwhelm those people who are just getting into couponing for the first time. 

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As someone who is intending to get into couponing as a serious endeavor, developing a proper system is essential. As part of this system, you will need to find a way to keep your coupons organized and easily accessible while shopping. Whether you organize your coupons in a binder with ordered dividers for long-term storage or file them inside of a box, there are many benefits that come with proper organization. 

Below are a few popular methods for ordering and categorizing coupons for more efficient use. 


Coupon filing has been a proven method used by professionals for decades. These filing systems generally consist of a small box or container with different dividers labeled for easy organization. The way in which you organize them depends primarily on your system. In most cases, people will organize them in alphabetical order by the manufacturer. 

Since this system is the most popular, there are many how-to guides on coupon based sites like RewardIt that outline how to get started. 
Tablet Computers 

Tablet PCs are a new addition to couponing. These sleek mobile devices provide many unforseen benefits to the average couponer that drastically improve the entire experience. From internet access that makes it easy to check the sales listed on your favorite coupon sites, to making it easy to digitally organize your coupons in a table, these useful mobile devices are irreplaceable for the modern couponer. 


As one of the traditional methods of storing coupons, binders are a favorite of many coupon connoisseurs. They are a fairly simple concept that drastically makes locating a specific coupon quick and easy. Typically, this system of organization revolves around a binder with plastic sheets. The coupons are then placed into the plastic sheets in a particular order for easy access while out shopping. 

In some cases, people implement both the filing and binding method of organization, using the filing as a more long-term method then placing coupons in the binder before going shopping. 

There are many useful ways to organize and track your coupons. As technology plays more of a role in this money-saving industry, consumers can expect more innovative organizational methods that revolve around digital coupons. However, until then, traditional methods such as using binders and container based filing systems are a perfectly functional way to get your coupon collection organized.


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