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Staying in the Moment & Milking the Present for Memories

With today's busy schedules, people are under a lot more pressure and stress. Often times, it's impossible to stay in the moment when your mind is occupied with work, deadlines, the children, your spouse, etc. By understanding different techniques for staying in the moment, you can enjoy the time you have rather than always worrying about something. 

 Set Aside Time to Worry 

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One of the ways in which you can stay present during fun times is to bargain with yourself. Promise yourself an hour or two after the event to worry about things that still need to be taken care of. That hour is when you'll write notes for yourself, call anyone you need to call, or take care of issues that you need to take care of. Doing this will mean that you're not allowed to worry when you're supposed to be enjoying yourself. 

Notice the Items Around You 

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Another trick for staying in the present is to pay close attention to the items around you. Consciously think about their shape, color, sound or their effect on you. If you're supposed to be enjoying a play, take the time to look at the props in the background. Notice what the characters are wearing, think about the lines they're saying and notice how they interact with each other. Purposely noticing things will help keep you grounded and keep your mind from wandering.

Breathing Exercises 


By focusing on your breathing, you can return to the present moment and really enjoy your surroundings. Take a deep, slow breath while counting to ten. Then, pause for five seconds and exhale slowly, counting again to ten. Repeat this for a few moments and you'll be more centered and better able to stay in the moment. Repeat this exercise whenever you notice your mind wandering and your thoughts taking over.

Ask Questions 

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Maybe you're supposed to be enjoying dinner with family but you're finding it hard to focus. Sit up and ask questions of your family. Interacting with them will bring you back to the present moment. Really focus on the answers they give you. By keeping up a conversation, you'll be able to stay in the present better, whether you're at home or out with friends. 

Relying on a Friend

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Talk to a friend about your problems staying focused and enjoying yourself. Make sure the friend you trust is one that's always present and someone who is able to truly enjoy themselves. The friend can help you remain in the present when it seems as if you're miles away. They can do this by asking questions, touching you lightly on the arm, and just reminding you to enjoy the present. 

Next time you're out with friends or family, whether you have Santana tickets or you're just enjoying a nice dinner, try these techniques. When you consciously attempt to stay in the present, you'll be more able to enjoy yourself rather than spending your time miles away from where you really are.


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