Friday, April 12, 2024

What Matters Most in Life

It’s summer once again and the whole country is experiencing the heat of the season with high temperature and humid weather. People are now always looking for summer getaway that will give them momentary respite from the crowded city and hot weather. Our family took to the mountain sites and stayed for two days at an aqua farm beside the mountain river surrounded by beautiful stones. There at the mountains the weather is so nice and the air is fresh and clean. Being at the top of the mountain makes you realize the beautiful creations of God. Our vacation felt like a dream. 

Coming back to our home I’ve been thinking of the place we’ve been and how it relaxed us. We plan to go there again whenever we have time so we can recharge physically, mentally and spiritually, that way we can also have a work life balance. We should not only work and work as if our life depends only on that.  We should have a real life outside our corporate world. We should also think of our health. I'm planning to focus on my health and shed some pounds to be able to regain a slimmer body again. I’ve read some articles online about  weight loss and I was inspired again to start anew. 

Early this year I focused on my health wellness and started my knee therapy but after nine sessions I got busy with work and stopped suddenly because we have weekly seminars and training in the office. Gladly, with the help of browsing some sites I had few tips and ideas on healthy diets that I started focusing again on being healthy and fit. Health is wealth and I want to be wealthy :-). 

Now when we’re at home and couldn’t find the time to go on a vacation we keep ourselves happy with planning a picnic at home, grilling some meat and feeling as if we’re in the rural areas. Sometimes we go to sports center and play bowling, basketball, badminton or visit arcades to play some nice games. We enjoy everything as a family and we compete with each other on those games just like when we indulge in online games, just like when I play Tap Supermarket which I enjoy very much because it’s like I’m just playing my dream. I plan to have a mini grocery store when I retire and the game simulates my dream. The game lets you manage a store where you need to restock your products, attend to customer’s needs and expanding your profits by selling more varieties.

Games are for everyone, young and old alike, it’s a form of relaxation and you just have to handle it wisely especially if you have little kids who seem to want to play unstoppable. At the end of a hard day at school and in work, I believe that one or two games whether it’s real or just online can help someone to be free of stress and anxieties. At they offer variety of kids’ games that can be played not just by kids but for adults as well. One can live a well-balanced happy life as long as you aware what can make you happy. What matters most is being happy, healthy and at peace with God as the center of your life.


Thursday, April 11, 2024

Relaxing Family Getaway at the Aquafarm

We had fun enjoying the holiday in Tanay, Rizal at JCM's Aquafarm with the mountain, river and all the beauty of the nature.  We booked our two-day holiday at the camp and rented an A-nipa hut, a big tent and a kitchen and wash area all to ourselves.  We have a nice very close view of the mountains and the river at the front of our hut and tent.  You could say that we have a riverfront accommodation :-). Our staycation is somewhat different from our usual beachfront vacations in the past because people in the camp site are only few and we each have our own place. The place has enough guests in the place but we're not crowded giving us a very relaxed vibe.  

We had our short bible study while the bonfire is just a few meters away which is just enough to warm the place and get rid of some flying insects.  I can't believe wearing jacket on a summer season but it's really cold in the night especially that we stayed in the river up to early evening and returned to our rented area when we can't stand the cold waters anymore.  It was a really a nice experience for us.  We spent the following day just having coffee at the front of the river, roamed the place and spent many hours swimming in the clear river water.  We picked up few stones there and dreamed that we still have another day to spare before coming back in the city.  Going home is both sad and happy. We'll go back again next time.  God is so good that He gave us a chance to enjoy His wonderful creations.    


A Visit to Mom's Farmland

It took us several years to finally visit my Mom's farmland in our hometown.  I never thought that I would be able to have a chance to go and hike in the mountainous farmland considering my knees' condition but when I finally reached the land I was so happy and grateful that God has guided us in our steep walk to the mountain. When we reached the highest point of the land I was amazed at the nature's beauty that greeted us atop the mountain.  It was so beautiful and the air we breathe smells so differently.  The cloud feels nearer, the air is cold, pure and so fresh.  

I'm grateful that we decided to start taking care of the land.  We actually wanted to see if the land can possibly be a camp site and we're glad that the land has spring water there which can be our source of drinking water.  The land also has a mini falls and river below which made my jaw drop because it's so beautiful and serene, makes me wonder if I'm just seeing it in documentary films about nature, but it's really there at the foot of the mountain.  The caretaker cooked us some native chicken and picked some coconut fruit for our water and desserts.  Anyway there are plenty of crops there and we enjoyed some new recipes using only their crops.  It was a relaxing day filled with laughter and we really enjoyed our day away from the hustle and bustle of the city, at the top of the mountain planning how to turn the land into a farm camp site. We promised ourselves to visit again in the next following weeks,    


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