Friday, June 22, 2012

Nice Place for Worship

With our new area for fellowship for more than a month now we feel so blessed that we were given a privilege to use the whole of the wide 5th floor area for our church service. We’re still renting one of the adjacent rooms in the lower floor but the management allowed us to use the spacious area in the upper most floors while it’s vacant. After we’ve finally set up the place we feel like it’s really for us. Now there are plenty of rooms where we can neatly arrange our activities. 

We can also cook if we want because the area gave us a spacious pantry, 2 extra rooms for functional use such as Sunday school, Pastor’s prayer room, youth corner and a lot more. Of course if our fellowship’s place is to be considered we should be replenishing our things to match the place. We were thinking of buying new musical instruments, new stacking church chairs and everything that will help in enhancing our new place. As the place is so convenient and just right for us we’re wishing that we’ll stay there for long period of time


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