Thursday, December 11, 2014

Features That A Good Video Converter Must Have

A good video converter must be fast, powerful, reliable and not very complicated to use. Movavi provides you with video converters that convert files exactly matching the requirements. Converting music and video file to and from any formats is a cake walk with Movavi. Saving the files in formats that is compatible with the portable devices, a speedy conversion, modification of video or media files everything is very easy. You can preserve the quality, resolution, bit-rate and aspect ratio of the video and yet convert them into a different format as fast as simple copying. With all the advanced features that is user friendly Movavi definitely stands out from the other converters.

You do not have to crack your head trying to make a media file work or run. There are more than hundreds of presets and supported file formats with which you can work. You do not have to re-encode or wait for long hours. Conversion between AVI, WTV, WMV, MKV, MP4, MPEG, FLV, MP3, WMA, OGG and more can be carried out. You can upgrade the quality from SD to HD also without any loss of quality. Without having to pay any additional costs you can even convert the image files.

It provides a smooth and easy interface between your computer and portable devices. For all such devices and latest models such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Nokia, LG, Sony PlayStation, Motorola, tablets, smart-phone, Xbox 360, presets are available to carry out the conversion for playback on the mobile devices.

Apart from the wide range of formats that it support and the option to save the files on portable devices they also offer a complete set of basic and necessary video editing tools. Whether you want to trim your video, extract certain parts and portion from another video, join them together everything is possible. You can adjust the brightness, contrast and also the sharpness of the file manually. Cropping, flipping, and rotating the video is also a unique feature it comes with. If you do not want to edit things manually one by one you can even use the option of smart auto filters that will improve the quality of your video.

If you are planning to upload these videos online or stream them size can most often create problems. Movavi can solve this too you can compact the file sizes so that uploading is possible. You can add captions and title to your video to give it a personal touch and look. Watermarks are also available using which you can protect your videos. With the unmatched speed and innovative technology combination Movavi video converter should be definitely worth a try. They always have the latest updates and codecs that will give you excellent results with no loss in quality.


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