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Inspirations for Starting a Quilting Hobby

Quilting isn't a difficult hobby, but it is one that takes some work. Here we will briefly show you how to begin your quilt by making a quilt top. Even a first-time quilter will be able to follow these instructions! 

First, choose the fabrics you want to use. Select a group of fabrics that complement each other. You can do this by choosing one print that has several colors as your baseline and then selecting other fabrics that use and incorporate those colors. 

Take 1/6-yard cuts of your fabric and trim them down to 5.5" wide and 5.5" tall. Ultimately, you will want 36 of those 5.5" squares. Make sure and use some of all the different fabrics you've chosen for the quilt top. 

One you have those 36 squares, assemble them as you wish in a larger, 6 x 6 square. Create a pattern you like with pleasing colors. You can get inspiration by looking through quilt patterns on the Donna Sharp Quilts at As you settle on a layout, use straight pins to pin the side-by-side squares together. Stitch them together with a 1/4 inch inseam. Use a straight stitch. 

When each of the rows has been sewn together, flatten the seams with an iron so that they are all pressed in the same direction. With your seam lines as a guide, match a row to the row below it, pin the sides together, and machine stitch it. Use a 1/4 inch inseam and a straight stitch, as before. 

When all 36 squares are sewn together, iron the seams again so they are all in the same direction. Your final step is creating a border. Cut four strips of fabric that are 5" wide and 44" long. Match them up to the sides of your quilt top. You can trim them to fit if necessary. Complete your border by machine stitching it to the four sides of your quilt top, with a 1/4 inch inseam.


Easy Shopping for Appliance Accessories


There will come a time when appliances accessories are a necessity. Anyone who owns an appliance will find themselves in the market for some kind of gadget or accessory to go with their appliance. One of the best and easiest places to find what you may need is by shopping for  Frigidaire accessories at

Shopping online for things like washer and dryer parts and accessories is as easy as can be. There are fill hoses, screen repair kits, dryer racks, and more. It is so convenient to be able to shop for appliance accessories online. Having one place that supplies nearly everything you will need is great news. Replacement parts for Frigidaire cooking appliances can be found at the Frigidaire store online. From burners to cooking elements, touch up paint pens to cleaners, and even appliance light bulbs; all can be found with a mere click. 

Shopping online is becoming the most popular way to shop. Especially for items that do not need to be tried on or felt or touched. Appliance accessories are a perfect example of things that can easily be purchased online. All the consumer needs to know is the make and model of their appliance and shopping is as simple as can be. There are always customer service representatives available by telephone if there is any doubt as to what part is needed or any confusion about the online shopping experience.


Kitchen Inspirations - Contrast Colors

Source: via Race on Pinterest

I love cooking, baking and preparing foods for my family depending on how much time will allow me in between writing articles and office works.  Busy as a bee as they say but still I can do so many things in the kitchen, a place where I love to stay most of the times.  As the family has pending plans for a general renovation for the house I'm gathering inspirations on my future newly renovated home.  

This is one that I saw that suddenly caught my attention because of the beautiful contrast of the walls, cupboards and cabinet with the shiny flooring. The white cabinets perfectly fit the wooden flooring and give an elegant clinical ambiance to the kitchen, something that feels like everything is clean and neat.  Well I still have to consider many things like space, budget and design scheme of the house before I decide on which kitchen idea would I pursue.


Security Solutions for Your Precious Tools

As you know, tools are expensive and a valuable portion of the investment for most professionals: carpentry, mechanical, and auto repair among others. Tools can be targeted by petty thieves, other professionals, and even casual borrowers in your home workplace. 

A wise thing to do is purchase a top-of-the-line toolbox with secure locking systems and drawers designed to protect each tool adequately. Toolboxes manufactured by Waterloo are available at Elite online. Shipping can be free on selected units. 

Waterloo toolboxes are made from steel, with drawers fitted with heavy-duty ball-bearing slides, heavy-duty gas struts, and casters that can support over 1,100 pounds. Their toolboxes have the advantage of manufacturer-tested endurance. 

These toolboxes are valuable in home workplaces, too. When a pair of durable pliers cost over $20.00, and several types are needed to address even household repairs. Screwdriver sets, drill bits, saws, and the power tools usually used add to this expense. If you total the costs of your home workshop, you will discover that your investment is considerable. A durable locking toolbox can help protect this. 

Most home handypersons keep their tools in the garage in a workshop at home. This is one of the most vulnerable areas of the normal house to burglars and thieves. Look for Waterloo toolboxes at  for a solution to protecting your investment. Oh, by the way, you're on your own when it comes to lending tools to family and friends. No toolbox can protect your tools from these--Good Luck!


Facts You Should Know About LED Lighting

Everyone is determined to save as much money as they can by eliminating unnecessary energy costs and one great way to do this is with LED lighting. If you are new to the world of LED lighting, then you may not fully understand the entire lingo that comes along with it. This article will help by giving you some very important facts about LED lighting.

What Are Lumens?
The word lumens are a measurement of light. The higher the lumens number is, the more light you can expect from your light bulb.

Lumens per Watt
This is another important thing to pay attention to. This term measures the efficiency of a light. The higher the number is, the more efficient the light will be.

Kelvin Temperatures and Colors
Kelvin temperatures are yet another unit of measurement for lights. This one measures the light color. Cooler lighting is great for visual tasks because it is easy on the eyes. These can be found in the range of 3600-5000K. Warmer colors are better for illuminating skin and clothing. This range is usually 2700-3000K.

LED lights can last much longer than traditional incandescent lights. You can expect them to last up to 5 times longer.

No Heat!
In the past, most lights produced excessive amounts of heat. LED lights don't do this. They emit little to no heat at all. This helps keep electrical costs down.

Use Less Energy
This is the biggest selling factor for LED lighting. The simple fact that these lights use far less energy is why more people are choosing to install them in their homes. In some cases, these lights use 80% less energy than traditional lighting.

If you are not currently using LED lights, then you are missing out on some huge advantages. can help! Put the power of LED lighting to work for you!


Crate Coffee Table

Do you want to create a creative and unique coffee table but hesitant to spend money on it?  Well if you have existing crates that you can spare you can make it very functional by making it a nice coffee table.  You don't need much because you only have to stained it or paint with your beautiful wood color, nailed them together and voila you have your stylish and affordable table.  You can place it at the center of your living room where you and your friends can enjoy your black or  creamy cups of your favorite coffee.

I always love enjoying my coffee at home especially at night when I rest from work or sometimes when I'm finishing some writing tasks.  I think that it would help if you have a nice table to enjoy your coffee time with others.  This table would certainly be an inspiration to others who want to make their own unique or self made table especially those who don't have enough budget for the expensive kinds.  Such creativity.


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