Thursday, July 25, 2013

Facts You Should Know About LED Lighting

Everyone is determined to save as much money as they can by eliminating unnecessary energy costs and one great way to do this is with LED lighting. If you are new to the world of LED lighting, then you may not fully understand the entire lingo that comes along with it. This article will help by giving you some very important facts about LED lighting.

What Are Lumens?
The word lumens are a measurement of light. The higher the lumens number is, the more light you can expect from your light bulb.

Lumens per Watt
This is another important thing to pay attention to. This term measures the efficiency of a light. The higher the number is, the more efficient the light will be.

Kelvin Temperatures and Colors
Kelvin temperatures are yet another unit of measurement for lights. This one measures the light color. Cooler lighting is great for visual tasks because it is easy on the eyes. These can be found in the range of 3600-5000K. Warmer colors are better for illuminating skin and clothing. This range is usually 2700-3000K.

LED lights can last much longer than traditional incandescent lights. You can expect them to last up to 5 times longer.

No Heat!
In the past, most lights produced excessive amounts of heat. LED lights don't do this. They emit little to no heat at all. This helps keep electrical costs down.

Use Less Energy
This is the biggest selling factor for LED lighting. The simple fact that these lights use far less energy is why more people are choosing to install them in their homes. In some cases, these lights use 80% less energy than traditional lighting.

If you are not currently using LED lights, then you are missing out on some huge advantages. can help! Put the power of LED lighting to work for you!


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