Monday, May 31, 2010

Excited for the School Opening

My kids are but not me lol! Back to school in the next few days and back to waking up at 4am to cook and prepare the kids’ stuff. They’re all excited for this coming school year since we’ve shopped for their bags and other school things middle of May. I don’t like rushing and buying all this necessities in June as I know there are plenty of late shoppers as well. When we bought all our kids’ school things we have the time to shop conveniently and with all the kids’ preferred items in full stock.

The little boy is entering the big school this year as Grade 1 and my eldest will soon be a high school freshman. She had the feel of her school and liked it when she had her summer advance class for more than 3 weeks. My youngest girl will be in her last grade in primary and hoping to achieve her goal to climb the stage on her graduation. This little girl really has a lot of perseverance and wants to be on the top always.

Anyway they’re all the best of their potentials last year and I told them to mix their hard work with lots of prayers to God to give them guidance and wisdom on their studies. I believe that studying and learning can be done and honors achieved through hard work which some says ‘burning of eyebrows’ (pagsusunog ng kilay). With the help of God and us I know my kids will achieve their goals and dreams up to when they will eventually choose their own field of studies and career.


My Cousins’ Secret

My Mom’s birthday was like a reunion for me as I long to see my dear first cousins in Laguna and I was surprised that even though they’re a lot older than me their skin is still supple and wrinkle-free. I was thinking if they’re using a cream like prevera but they said aloud the answer to my thoughts. They were not using any cream and they were just eating plenty of fruits and vegetables because their doctor advised them not to eat pork as much as possible. So that’s their secret. Now I’ll continue with my cleansing meal plan so when I reached their age my skin will not look old and possibly wrinkle-free.


Early Preparations for the Rainy Season

DH told the girls to arrange their things and tidy up their room because in two weeks time they will so busy with the school opening. It’s their personal things so we want them to arrange it their way. I can help them with cleaning up but because it’s their school vacation it’s best to let them do it to train them.
We’re also scheduled to have a general cleaning on the master’s bedroom before it can be renovated. We need another storage for hubby’s tools like DuraMax DuraMate 8x8 Vinyl Storage Shed Kit 00314 to arrange everything up before the rainy and flood season. Next week we’re having the roofing’s and gutter system check to complete our early preparations. Well we need to work hard as all these preparations need a lot of money to finance. I’m thankful that these past few days gave us plenty of blessings too.


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mom's Birthday!

It’s my Mom’s birthday today and we just made her blow her cake today because we’ve celebrated her birthday already yesterday. We’ve decided to celebrate it one day ahead so everyone can join us. She was so happy as her relatives, nieces, nephews, grandchildren came from Laguna to join her on her 78th birthday. We brought 4 vehicles on Lake Villa Resort in one of the lake towns of Rizal. The scenery was enjoyable and so were the fresh air, vast area and cool waters of the pools. We feasted on pork mechado, lumpiang shanghai, fried chicken, laing, spaghetti, cake, sacks of fruits from Laguna, buco-fruit salad and many more.

We thanked God for giving and keeping Mom with a healthy body, sound mind, kind heart and charming personality. She’s loved by all around her and she’s happy to give her time to all who need some advice from her. Indeed our dear Mom has aged gracefully.


A Bankable Investment Since the Old Generation

I have an Uncle who in my childhood days often tells me stories of Japanese soldiers and how they struggled through the period that Filipinos were under the Japan regime. It wasn’t a funny story to tell but my Uncle was so proud of himself because he survived the death March and was able to escape the wrath of the war. Of course he’s always the great young Filipino then and as I remember myself listening to his never-ending stories I’m beginning to smile to myself because through listening to him I learned many things. He told me how the old folks are so keen on investing in gold and because the war doesn’t respect anything including your personal belongings they used to hide their gold underneath their house. They dug themselves a hiding place during the most frightening moments and they hide their gold jewelleries there.

Well as a child I was really amazed at his stories and was thankful that I listened to him because that’s a true personal experience and not just the ones you see in movies or read in books. Some of the things he told me are still going on today, not the war but the gold investment. Now we can buy gold coins for our investment but instead of keeping it under our house we can store them safely in our storage box with vault or have it safely deposited in bank. It’s a proven and tested investment of all times because it appreciates value over the years.


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Early Birthday Celebration

We had an early celebration of my Mom’s birthday at Lake Villa Resort. It was made more enjoyable as it was attended by family and our relatives in our hometown in Laguna. I’m so happy that we decided to make it a swimming birthday celebration as it’s so relaxing to do it that way. Well even if I’m tired from all the cooking in the house and in the resort it’s worth it all. Anyway after lunchtime we had all the time in the world to swim, chat, take pictures or just rest and view the pretty scenery by the lake.

After so many years I saw DH relax and had a good time without thinking of the hardship in his work. I and the kids were so glad he was able to come with us now. We enjoyed the kids’ pool that much that we stayed there for more than an hour sitting there and relaxing with the splash of fountain on our faces. Just too tired to post pictures now, maybe I’ll just post when I have a time.


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The Pasture Test

Just thought of taking this test just for knowing some of my inner me that sometimes only a test like this would know lol! My daughter is so fond of taking personality test, she got it from me because I'm really fond of test like this. I even took some personality and psychological test in my work previously. Then I used the tests on our applicants. Why? Because I don't just test the skills and knowledge of the applicants as I also want to know if their mental and emotional capabilities are in normal condition. I know that tests like this one somehow reflects a part of us. So here's the result of my test:
You Are Poetic

You see beauty, colors, and inspiration where other people see nothing.

You are a gentle and sensitive soul that craves love and understanding.

You take pride in your interesting ideas, and you feel wounded if others challenge you too fiercely.

You feel most comfortable in places where you know everyone. It's likely you are still in touch with your childhood friends.


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It’s true that nothing beats the nature for giving us wonderful relaxation after being tired from work and household chores. It doesn’t have to be in a faraway place to enjoy the nature because it’s in your own backyard or patio only. You just have some creativity on how you’re going to have your Outdoor furniture look as inviting and relaxing as ever. The comfortable look of your furniture should always be in your mind because if you’re going to rest there at the end of the day it should be the most comfortable place on earth.


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Friday, May 28, 2010

:Friday Fill-Ins #178

Happy Memorial Day weekend to all who celebrate it :-) we go!

1. Barbecue-- the best food to take on a picnic.
2. Summer is fun but you have to take care of yourself or you'll have rashes, sunburns and dark color.
3. My niece love her new pink flip flops.
4. To love someone is to commit yourself to a lot of risks, it's ok as long as he's worthy of it, love is like a long hike, at the end of it you'll have a reward of having achieved a goal.
6. When I crave food, it's usually garden fresh salad and penne creme.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to finishing my tons of tasks while cooking our meals for Mom's birthday, tomorrow my plans include enjoying the day with my family and relatives to celebrate Mom's birthday and Sunday, I want to thank God that He's given us a very dear Mom!


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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Starting Up a Business

It’s a good step towards success to venture into a good profitable business if you’ve earned enough money and ready to face the challenges of setting up your own business. My friend worked abroad for few years to save money to build his own business. When he has saved what he thought was good enough he returned and started making feasibility study and plans. He has been so busy these days finishing the startup process and looking for asset based lenders just in case he run out funds for his business though for now he’s stable enough to open his business and run it smoothly. I just wish that he’ll never be tired with facing the regular business’ stress and problems. I know he can make it to succeed in his chosen field.


New Head of the Town

I had a chat with my cousin and she talked about how disappointed they were for losing their candidate in their town. They were also afraid because the spouse of the newly elected head of the town is an Asian foreigner and really wanted to have the leadership in the town through his wife. They also noticed that they’ve carried personal micro security cameras in the polling precints just to be sure that everything is under control and monitored.

I just wish that inspite of it all they will try to do good things in my cousin’s town place. I’m praying that despite racial differences they will adhere to all rules and regulations on having the leadership of the town and prove that they can also be like Filipinos.


Josh Joined FB

Little boy asked us to open an FB account for him 'coz he's the only one aside from Granny who don't have an account. He's just using his sister's account previously so we opened him an account and I made DH choose from 5 pictures I cropped for his FB image. DH chooses his picture on cousin Matt’s 7th birthday where he’s wearing a party hat. Now he’s a happier kid with his own FB account and when I checked last night he asked my friend Tere to be his friend also lol! He told me her Ate Gen requested it for him! Thanks sis for adding my little boy on your list!


Tired and Sleepy

I’m a bit sleepy after a tiring morning schedule. With my busy schedule this month of May I don’t need best weight loss products to shed pounds as I’m starting to see the fruits of my labor in cleansing diet. It’s really working for me and I’m so glad about it.

After picking up DD from her school we went to Novo to shop for gifts to Princess. All my planned gifts didn’t materialize, I picked a very beautiful doll and cute pink whiteboard for her. The store has variety of things for school, house, electronics, toys, clothes, electrical, furniture and many more. It’s a complete one-stop shop except for food. We’ve finished shopping at 12noon and hurried home for lunch. I checked my washed clothes outside if its dry already and after lunch I started working only to find myself giving up to my tiredness. Now my problem is to stay awake to be able to write logically.


Thinking of Ways to Conserve Energy

We had an increase in electric bill by about 65% last month but actually the kilowatt hour consumed was almost the same as the previous months. I’m trying to figure out some steps in order to lessen our consumption as the rates is really so high now. If only I knew someone who took up weatherization training then he’ll surely help me weatherize our house energy costs. We really need some plans on how we can save electricity because the provider is always increasing its rates.

It’s really hard on the pocket of the consumers as all losses in their company was charged and divided to all their customers. Losses come from those who have illegal connections but our electric provider doesn’t shoulder that and leave all things to consumers’ expenses. I was thinking that it should not be divided to consumers because illegal connections should be monitored and taken care of the staff. They should be vigilant enough to catch anyone who does illegal connections. That’s not our job, it’s theirs.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is…
1. finishing all things for school openings
2. healthy body
3. semi-cleansing diet plan works effectively
4. tons of tasks and payments from opps
5. new gadgets
6. loving hubby
7. seeing my kids happy and healthy
8. Mom's birthday this weekend

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I’ve seen some old movies in the 50’s I think which my father used to watch when he’s still alive. I noticed that actresses seem to have trim figures but they also look similar with their figures because they’re all wearing corsets to trim their waistline and to look more beautiful. I’ve also seen those beautiful gowns with corsets inside and I keep thinking that it must be so fit that they look like they have waist like that of a child. Well now there are women still using it for some purposes but for me it looks a bit uncomfortable.


Too Pre-Occupied To Think

I’ve got some free time now so I dropped by the house of my brother to get my niece’ old books for my daughter. I also discussed the plans for Mom’s birthday including food, transportation which he’ll provide and some details of our ocular inspection. He’s asking about the Mercury insurance reviews he browsed upon the net and I told him I’ll study the details when I reached home. He’s too busy with the construction of attic in his house so it’s fine with me to research for insurance. Anyway his mind is too pre-occupied now to think clearly lol!


Seeing Yourself on a Bigger Picture

Do you find yourself aiming high for your dream job? It’s a positive attitude as you really need confidence in all things that you do to achieve you dream. Sometimes you feel inferior to others because of lesser education and average status in life. Well all is fair in love and in war as they say but it only means that everyone is entitled to what he wants in life. Dreaming is free and anyone can do without restrictions. If you’re really up to it you have to see yourself in a bigger picture and maybe you’ll have better confidence after that. Dream high!


Family Music Room Plans

It’s only more than two weeks away and school classes will begin soon. I thought that I can work more during summer vacation but it turned out to be a super busy summer vacation. I actually work just a few hours a day only when my offline tasks and responsibilities were through and finished. I even forgot to watch television sometimes but I’m also hoping to have a home theater to be able to relax more while entertaining myself to excellent picture quality and sounds. We’ll be renovating our room and will turn it into a family music room so that’s where I’m going to put it.


Comments – Collette Vacation

Traveling to different countries has always been my dream and if time and money won’t be in the way I would love to go on Europe tours and possibly stay for a week in my SIL’s place. This is a very convincing review and anyone who reads this would have love to pack their luggage and go as soon as possible especially now that we’re experiencing a very hot and humid weather. A tour and vacation to a much cooler place is a very lovely thought.


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What's Your Creative Power?

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I Love Freebies!

My friend told me that I was able to get the best deals when I bought my laptop and I was happy about that just like the Cyber Monday Specials I saw online. I really love discounts, coupons and promotional packages but with modern gadgets it’s not always possible so when I was able to coax the store to upgrade the laptop memory for free I immediately bought my laptop. Now I’m comfortably using it on my blogging.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chest Pain

DH told me that it rained heavily on some parts of Quezon City where he was the whole morning. On the way to his work he suffered a pain in his chest so he dropped by the house of his father to rest. I was thinking that he should really rest for some period of time. His chest pain is not due to any vices because he’s not drinking and smoking. Even if you give him expensive Davidoff cigars he will not smoke.

He’s living a healthy life both spiritually and physically. It’s just tiring to work in the warehouse and he’s working almost 12 hours a day. By the time that he reached home in the night I can see that he’s really exhausted. Wish we could have time to go on a vacation on a cooler temperature place.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Got My Lappy Now!

Got my new laptop now-finally! Had it bought last Saturday. I've planned to purchase the super discount sale of HP Compaq Presario 606TU but when their package with free printer was changed to Ipod I looked for other package that would meet my specific requirements. We went to Greenhills and found the perfect one for me at Premium Logic. Actually prices there are just the same, it's the package and freebies that differs. I learned this one from DH who is employed in Automatic Appliances. Well I got this Compaq Presario 510 with free upgrade of 1GB RAM.

See the specs below:

HP Compaq Presario 510
Intel Core 2 Duo T5870
Intel Mobile GL40 Chipset
Intel GMA X3100 graphics
14 HD WVGA Display
320GB Hardisk Drive
Windows 7 Starter

Freebies: upgrade of 1GB to 2GB DDR2, headset and optical mouse, the first one is what I liked most in my purchase because it will cost me more if it's not free. For the headset and optical mouse I know other stores will give that too! Anyway I'm using it now but I got to transfer my files and pics in the following days! Got loads of them!

I don't have time to have my own pic of the lappy, too busy for that!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Safe Investment with Precious Metals

I’m glad that election is over now and soon the investors will come in. DH told me before the election that days are harder until a new head of the country is elected. I just hope that everything will be back to normal and business will soon be in a good state. People got tired of waiting for their wage increase because the government can’t give the increase they want.

Some of my friends resorted to applying for additional part-time work to meet their family’s financial needs. Well some who have enough money to invest tried to buy gold bullion for their stable investment because they learned that it’s a safer investment than any other kinds. You’ll be happy to know that this gold can really give you a good profit in return.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

:Friday Fill-Ins #177

fridayfillin.gif we go!

1. My little boy never fails to make me smile. Just a wink, a smile, a joke or simple gesture always make my day happy.
2. I'm looking forward to buying my dream lappy tomorrow at Greenhills V-Mall. I want an HP Compaq Presario with Intel Core 2 Processor, 2 GB RAM, 320GB HDD and some more specifications
3. Don Moen's Be It Unto Me is what I'm listening to right now.
4. Potato salad must have mayonnaise in it!
5. Pancit Malabon was the best thing I ate today.
6. Today was a tiring and busy day full of busy schedule as always.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to finishing my 8 due tasks, tomorrow my plans includeshopping for my dream HP laptop yahoo! and Sunday, I want to visit my friend's father in his wake!


Friday, May 21, 2010

Busy Schedule Tomorrow

It’s almost midnight but I’m still awake and blogging as I’m finishing my tasks which will be due up to Sunday. I’ll have to be free with online and offline tasks because I’m going to buy my laptop tomorrow morning and in the afternoon Redge and I will have an ocular inspection of the resort that we found just right for the celebration of my Mom’s birthday. It will be a busy weekend for me but I’m so excited! Finally I'm going to have my own lappy! yahoo!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Medical Supplies and Equipment

I agree that watching and monitoring your own health is one way of avoiding extreme diseases. It’s like the case of hypertension adults who needs medical equipment like blood pressure monitors to watch their condition on a regular basis to prevent sudden shoot up of blood pressure. It’s one of the killer diseases but if you adhere to doctor’s advice you can maintain your normal blood pressure. In any sickness or health problems it’s always best to take a healthy and balanced diet meals coupled with daily exercise to help us be fit, healthy and in good physical condition always.


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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Matt's 7th Birthday!

Last May 6 the youngest kid of my brother turned 7 and we celebrated it in the kids' fave fast food Jollibee. It never cease to amaze me the kids' happiness when they celebrate their birthdays on this red happy bee's restaurant. Well when Josh celebrated his 5th birthday more than a year ago in his school with Jollibee foods his school mates were equally happy. There must be something on the red bee lol!

Matt Matt was excited and very entertaining every time a guest comes in and when the game started he was very cheerful and energetic. Josh didn't participate in the games because he wanted to watch his cousin's birthday games. I was thinking that he's considering if he also want to celebrate his 7th birthday on September in the same place.

Anyway here are some more pics I want to share:


Monday, May 17, 2010

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

:RT-Our 14th Wedding Anniversary

This is a late post of our anniversary last May 4 but I just want to post this one as my thanksgiving to God for the 14 wonderful years of our married life. For the first time we dined out with the kids because it feels great to celebrate it with the joys of our married life. They requested for their chosen pizza restaurant and we succumbed. We ate Pesto Chicken Penne, Florence-Viva Italian Pizza, Garlic Bread and Caesar Salad. We were so happy.

I count my marriage as one of the best blessings of God on me as He gave me the best partner in life. When I talk of the best it doesn’t mean that He has the best of everything or excels in the best fields but the best for me and my kids. We could never ask for more just more quality time with their Daddy as he has a very tight schedule in his work.

He has never changed as when I first met him. He’s the same sweet, caring and loving person and through all the years that we’ve been together we’ve grown more in love with each other. Our secret? Not much I can say as we’re just simple and ordinary couples. We’ve just kept God as the center of our relationship and our family. We’re not the perfect couple and I can’t say that few times we had our own share of little misunderstandings but God has kept us in His arms and helped us survived the trials of marriage.

Time flies so fast and we’re glad that after 14 years we’re still in love and happy to spend the coming days, months and years of our lives. Actually we’re surprised a little that it’s been 14 long years already and if not for the few white hairs on our head and the kids growing up fast I can say that it feels like yesterday when we vowed to God that we’re going to love each other for life. It’s been a joke when we’re only starting up that DH will love me ‘kahit maputi na ang buhok ko’ (even if I’ll have white hairs already) and now it’s starting to show up on both of us lol!

True to his words I can say that he never fails to say and show his love everyday. I may not have the most beautiful mansion, the most expensive cars or the best riches on earth but I have with the most precious husband that God has given me. I feel so blessed in knowing that God is good all the time.


Monday, May 10, 2010

2010 Election - Voted for My Best Candidates

I got tired from waiting in line just to cast my vote in the morning. Some got impatient and went home to come back in the afternoon. Well for me I will not leave the place without casting my vote for my best candidates. I did choose for the best because it means the future of my kids and all other people in my country. It’s always been my principle to vote for the candidate which I think would do best and not for any other reason. Even if it took me about two hours to wait for my turn to vote I waited with patience.

I noticed that everyone seems to have developed patience as they didn’t complained except for one who commented that she should have the best acne treatments after the waiting hours because her face was itching with dust, exposed to heat and perspiring heavily. We laughed at the comment because she’s smiling too and seems to be just breaking the tiring moments. DH is so thoughtful about bringing us refreshing drinks every now and then while we were waiting. I was with DH and my sister and when DH was finished with his ballot he went ahead of us to go to work though he knows he’s late already. His work will start at 12noon and it's past 11am already. Anyway I just had a nice experience with using the new automated machine and I feel great seeing the ‘congratulations’ remarks on the machine when I feed my ballot. I just hope that the automated machines will work perfectly upon counting and transmission of results.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Super Mom

She's the only parent we have since our dad passed away 13 yrs. ago but God has given her enough strength in mind to give us advices and guidance in our life. She has the strong determination to send us all to school even if my dad suffered stroke at the time that I entered high school and brother entered college both in private school. Little sis was only in primary then. Mom made us all graduate with bachelor's degree with her income from teaching and some support from our coconut plantation. Despite her busy schedule at work she also takes care of our dad and never misses to give her time to us when we needed her emotionally, financially and in all aspects of being a supportive Mom.

Now that I'm also a mother she extends her loving care and attention to my kids especially on their school assignments, she never stop being a teacher even for my kids only. She's really a wonder Mom and we're so lucky to have her as our mother. God love us so dearly that He gave us the best Mom ever!

So to all the super Moms there I want to greet you all together with my own Mom a Happy Mother's Day! See some of our pics here!


Walking Without Feeling Tired

I saw my picture in my nephew’s 7th birthday and I noticed that my quick weight loss diet has been effective so far because I look less heavy than I was last month. I’m now in my third week of no rice lunch and dinner. I’m filling up my meal with fruits, veggies and small amount of meat. I found out that I can feel very full when I eat fruits and a glass of water before I even start to eat my meal. I also feel lighter and stronger. I can walk fast 2 kilometers without feeling tired and I like it because I used to feel that way years ago when I walk to and from my shortcut way to my subdivision office. Well feeling this way at 40 is really great! I should keep my healthy diet!


Simplifying Some Hospital Tasks

I’m really amazed at the high tech gadgets I saw when I visit some shops in the mall we dined it last Tuesday because technology is rising fast and innovations are coming almost quarterly. My almost three-year old desktop PC will soon be an old model before I knew it because when I purchased an additional random access memory to upgrade my existing one I was informed that in a few months time it will no longer be available. I’m lucky that I thought about it now.

Well I saw a pulse oximeter in the hospital lately and it’s also a modern one. Even hospitals are recipient of this high technology world and I’m thankful for it because it will help the healthcare staff to simplify tasking jobs in hospitals. Sometimes it takes long moments just to have our BP’s, pulse rate and some other necessities before we were actually examined by doctors. I wonder if they will have innovations for delivering babies easily, just kidding of course!


:Friday Fill-Ins #175

fridayfillin.gif we go!

1. Salsa and chips with cheese dip will be just perfect for me.
2. Chips, Fries, Burgers with catsup and you've even got mustard.
3. By the time I get home I was running for time to submit my due online writing tasks.
4. Finding the best buy is what I look forward to most when grocery shopping but of course if it's on my favorite food brands because I don't want to pay for the things I don't like.
5. And I was dreaming that I and my family was on a Caribbean vacation :-).
6. When you have hope, faith and there anything else better?!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to resting early tonight, tomorrow my plans include finishing all my tasks in the morning and Sunday, I want to concentrate on our Sunday fellowship service!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Weather is Still Hot!

It rained yesterday and I thought that the following days would have cooler temperature. Today I went to school for my DD enrollment and found out that the air conditioning unit in the guidance room malfunctioned and we only have ceiling fan rotating around to give us some air. It was a very hot and humid afternoon and before we finished with all the steps in enrollment we were both feeling hot and hungry. It’s our anniversary day and I’ll have to refresh myself for our dinner later.


Monday, May 3, 2010

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Thanks to all my frequent visitors and droppers especially the top ten most patient ones who made it to the top. Just want you to know that I appreciate all your efforts to the max :-) Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again everyday here!
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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Morning Exercises and Biking

I’ve done enrolling my little boy in his new school for primary education last Thursday. We also fitted his uniforms and he’s excited to show my Mom that he has new set of uniforms very different from his preparatory school uniforms. I was very tired when we reached home as I’ve done some errands too. With the kind of activities I’ve done for the day I think I’ll have no problem with losing some excess pounds now and if I do this everyday I think I will not be having Lipofuze as exercise and walking really makes some wonders with me.

I’m planning to join DH and kids in their daily morning biking in our municipality town hall compound. DH told me that I will enjoy it. Actually I’m planning to play badminton too! Well this will keep the whole family fit and healthy!


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