Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thinking of Ways to Conserve Energy

We had an increase in electric bill by about 65% last month but actually the kilowatt hour consumed was almost the same as the previous months. I’m trying to figure out some steps in order to lessen our consumption as the rates is really so high now. If only I knew someone who took up weatherization training then he’ll surely help me weatherize our house energy costs. We really need some plans on how we can save electricity because the provider is always increasing its rates.

It’s really hard on the pocket of the consumers as all losses in their company was charged and divided to all their customers. Losses come from those who have illegal connections but our electric provider doesn’t shoulder that and leave all things to consumers’ expenses. I was thinking that it should not be divided to consumers because illegal connections should be monitored and taken care of the staff. They should be vigilant enough to catch anyone who does illegal connections. That’s not our job, it’s theirs.


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