Friday, November 12, 2010

One-Stop Shop

We’ll drop by our new venue for our camp meeting tomorrow to accompany our brethren who will see the site for the first time. We were the ones who recommended it because we’ve seen when my daughter attended their school retreat there. I found out that it’s also near the one-stop shop store I’ve been buying my things for the house. It’s where I bought my bathroom tiles, shower head, bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, kitchen faucet and everything I need when our plumber fixed our bathroom and kitchen. I know I’ll return to the store once more when I have budget for the total kitchen renovation. For now I’m just fixing what’s needed because the renovation will require a large amount of money.


Working to Beat Homesick Feeling

My friend has worked part-time in a grocery store doing merchandising because she finds it boring doing nothing in the house. Her husband can pay for all her expenses and very well-off but she’s not used to staying in the house and doing nothing. She’s an HR Manager before and used to working overtime so when she got married and transferred to foreign country she looked for a part time job that would not keep her occupied but beat her homesickness as well. 

Now after sometime getting used to barcode scanner, cash register, barcode label and all equipment in the grocery she quit the job and started a small financing business when her husband retired from work. She’s very busy and a lot more occupied now that she doesn’t feel homesick again.


Looking for New Eyeglasses

I think I’m going to need a new pair of eyeglasses as my current has giving some blurred images on certain distances. I think my eyeglasses grade has changed and I need to consult my optometrist about it. I’ve visited two optical shops to look for the style I need but I was disappointed at the stocks they have. If only I could order it online now because I was hesitant of my exact size and lens’ grade. It’s easier to order Zeal Goggles online as you can immediately browse all style. With my kind of glasses I’m not sure if I can have the right one for me so I’ll just stick to my previous optical shop for now to replace my eyeglasses then look later for a second eyeglasses at my convenient time.


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