Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Label Specialist

We were shopping in the stores at the mall this afternoon and my youngest kid has a lot to ask about almost everything that he’s not familiar with. My kid is always eager to know about anything that enlightens him and no one can stop him from asking what he doesn’t know. Anyways, we were buying our food at the supermarket when my kid got interested in the barcodes on the grocery items. He wanted to know the price of two of our shopped items so he scanned the barcodes to satisfy his curiosity. 

That’s one of the benefits of using bar codes on products, because through the codes you can immediately know the cost. For the cashier it’s easier to scan the items than to type in the prices one by one. It’s also more accurate because the code is pre-programmed to match a price in the system program. So it’s important that thermal transfer labels are printed in good quality to ensure that codes are printed accurately and will not wear out easily. It is also a good medium for identifying the product. 

As everything we have now in department stores and supermarkets includes labels and codes, it’s vital to have high quality ribbons and online labels for printers that will embed your specific code to products for selling. Since labels should withstand weather conditions like heat, rain, snow and ice, it’s better to use weatherproof labels to ensure that the labels will not be erased or worn out. 

Resistance against moisture and water should also be planned carefully as these are two big factors that will affect the code labels tremendously. The use of waterproof labels is highly recommended for this required specification especially when it’s for wet goods in the supermarket where chances of getting wet and soiled are high. 

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