Thursday, February 4, 2010

Recovering from Day Laziness

It’s been a lazy day for me as I haven’t finished any task in the morning and afternoon. Our late night yesterday after bible study has made me so lazy the whole day. Maybe my blogging overnights last week has affected my health and now I’m just suffering the consequences. I’m taking my headache medicine for two days now and I’m glad tonight made me feel stronger to work on my tasks. I’m happy that when I’m inspired and feeling good I can do several tasks in one or two hours only. Well I also need to work on my lazy days as I don’t want to be beating again on my deadlines.

We’ve finished dinner early in the evening at 7pm and my kids were all ready to study assignments and watch television afterwards. Just after 8:00 in the evening they’re all sleeping and I returned to my PC to recover from my lack of accomplishments the whole day. When hubby came home I was halfway my due tasks and now I’m just visiting some sites and getting ready for my sleep.


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