Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Franchise Business Plans

Hubby and I were talking about our previous small business several years ago and thinking of renewing it again but this time we want to put up a real store unlike then that we only do deliveries to offices and schools. I was asking him if he has plans of retiring early to manage the shop but he told me that he’s not so sure about it. I wasn’t sure either if I can manage to maintain all my blogs and attend to our small shop at the same time. I have no plans of hiring a helper because it gives me headache to control them so I’m having second thoughts.

Well I really want to put a small franchise of meat products but I don’t want to overestimate my strength because these days my sites are eating up most of my time. Actually I’m already thinking about the things that I would buy for the store like a freezer, working table, cabinet and an all around drawer like mmf drawer I saw online last week but I promised myself to buy these things if we’re really sure that we’ll open a store. Anyway we’ll talk about it again more seriously next time.


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