Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sleep Properly

I had busy days this week that made me so tired at night. I have to do blogging between my offline activities just to cope up with my schedules. I never really imagined that being a full time Mom can almost rob you of your time for yourself. This week I tried to finish all pending tasks at night but I can’t force myself to stay awake because my eyes seem to have their own mind.

DH told me not to sleep very late because my blood pressure will be affected so I followed him; besides if I sleep properly acne won’t develop on my face. Then I won’t be looking for the right acne medicine for my type of skin. It's quite a task finding the right one because skin on the face is normally sensitive and you can't take a risk on it. I'm very careful with the things that I use on my face. I usually wash it with my white germicidal soap and put only loose powder on daily activities. I don't put makeup which is why my face is always clear of anything that would harm it. Now I hope I can allot more time to my sites next week as I have tons of tasks to finish.


Ciela February 14, 2010 at 3:46 PM  

Hi Race! Musta ka na? Happy Valentine's Day to you.

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