Saturday, April 24, 2010

One Week Trial Achievement

Wow I’ve finished my first six days of abstaining rice on my lunch and dinner. Of course the results are not noticeable at this time but I feel a lot better than last week. Actually it feels like I’m using the most effective diet pill because I feel light and healthy. Well it’s only one week now since I started it and I’m very positive with the following weeks.
For now I’m not much into getting slim but of being healthy. I’ve been feeling a little weak for the last past weeks and MIL advised me to have cleansing diet. Though I haven’t done the real and strict cleansing diet I’m doing part of it by taking rice on breakfast only and the rest of my meals consist of veggies, fish and fruits. With these foods I combine plenty of water. On Monday I’m going to reduce my rice on breakfast maybe a half cup will do.


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