Friday, June 11, 2010

Maximize Your Potential and Skills

Few days from now I’ll be very busy again with preparing my kids’ school things and in attending school activities. Maybe not that busy with school functions as that of last year as my eldest entered secondary school now. I’ll be busy with my primary students because they require a lot of parents’ meeting and interaction with school teachers and officials. I’m always one of the officers in school and that consumes my time more. Anyway it’s fine with me as long as I can manage my time well because when I’m active in school I get to monitor my kids also.

Now all of my three kids are enrolled in three different schools and I’m seeing myself juggling my time in different schools, my household chores and my online works. I don’t have to worry much as DH helps me with the kids. He’s so patient with teaching and helping them with their assignments. He also helps me with some of the house works so I guess I’ll still have time to work online. In few years time my two girls will have to research college degrees of their chosen field and as early as now we’re guiding them on how they will be able to know what their potentials are. I told them that they should choose the one that they really want to do when they work so they will also enjoy studying.

For those who are still in the searching process they can visit CollegeDegreesToday and choose from among their list of online and campus-based schools where they can search also for the list of degree or courses available. A degree in college is very essential in getting a good-paying job and it’s a plus also in your credentials.


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