Thursday, June 10, 2010

What's Your Life Mission?

You Are the Artist

You are unique and inspired. You aren't happy unless you are making art of some sort.
Almost anything can be a catalyst for your creativity. You find the whole world stimulating.

You have beautiful visions, and you're good at expressing them. You like people to see what you see.
You also have an inventor's spirit. You're always thinking up new ideas and concepts.

This is a nice discovery of myself but I always thought that I could come up with fresh ideas and concepts even when I'm still working in corporate office but it seemed that they're not for them. I'm glad that I can now put my best ideas and thoughts on my sites where it's needed.

Maybe working until 40 is just the right age for me as doing the same things for many years deprive the mind of learning more. It was like a routine job and even if I was given a completely different field of job I also get tired of it after 6 years. The excitement was gone after few years and it's only the earnings that kept me going. I wasn't happy anymore....but I am now :-)


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