Thursday, February 10, 2011

Missing My Friend

My friend Myrna whom I came to be working with for more than ten years and grown so close to me is currently based in East Timor. She’s working and living there with her husband as an Engineer. I terribly missed her and I’m glad that I had a chat with her. She told me that she’s fine but working hard just like me. Maybe I’ll be able to see her this summer when she comes home for a short vacation. 

Anyway we’re both using our own preferred laptops we wished to have when we were still together. I’m using mine for blogging and she’s using her toshiba laptop computers for estimation of materials needed for construction of roads, bridges and buildings. Of course her laptop has greater capacity than mine because she has Autocadd and other design software installed there. I’m happy that we’re happy and successful in our own work and nicely compensated too. Our previous jobs didn’t give us opportunities to earn more but now we’re both earning well in our chosen field of work. God is a good provider.


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