Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Course of Her Choice

It’s only two months now before the graduation of my daughter and I’ve attended the meeting for the said school event. The meeting was held to inform the parents of the things we should prepare for the graduation and that include activities and expenses. We voted for the parents who will complete the group for the PTA graduation officers and I’m one of them again this year. Last year I was the secretary of the graduating class and made all documents pertaining to that school event. Anyway it’s my kid’s last year in the school and she will soon be joining her sister in high school. As we looked back when they’re only kinder 2 on that same school we saw that their faces has changed from having baby features to more matured faces they have now. Well Gen still looks so young and naive but I can imagine her graduating from high school after another four years and taking up a college degree course of her choice. 

I told them to take any course they want just as long as they love doing it. Whether they would a job in accounting, administration, marketing or jobs in health care I would not contradict. Now they’re still not sure of what they would eventually like to take in college but Gen is telling us that she can take up Education and have masteral units afterwards. She has high regards on her teachers that she also wants to be like them in the future. Anyway it’s not surprising as she came from a family of teacher, my cousins, aunties, granddaughter and my own Mom were teachers. I guess it runs in our blood.


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