Thursday, July 12, 2012

Emotional Intelligence

I've done some emotional intelligence test and that opened my mind to my beliefs:
I believe in using your heart and not only mind and eyes in deciding things because like what I read in the Little Prince book - It is in the heart that one can see rightly, what's important is invisible to the eye.  Meaning  our heart can read also.  When I decided to marry Ed I remembered using my heart and until now my heart falls for him.  

Sometimes it necessitates me to balance my mind and heart when deciding things especially on the financial aspects because using your heart alone might lead your finances to bankruptcy.  This is so true when you're running a business.  You can't be so strict but you can't be so open also as openness sometimes lessens respect.  There should be a balance in order to maintain respect, trust and harmony in work.

I find it easy to sympathize with others because oftentimes I put myself in their position.  I think it's not 100% positive attitude as doing so will sometimes lead to abusive tendency by people who takes advantage of soft-hearted people.


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