Monday, October 5, 2009

Continue Your Health Education Online

It feels good to help others especially during crisis or situations that call for immediate attention. When I go to hospitals I really observe how the staff works and I noticed that they’re so dedicated with their jobs. On the recent natural disaster that happened in our town there were many cases that were admitted in emergency room. Hubby and I were there because he had an infection in his feet due to prolonged stay in the flooded waters. I just admired how they treated the patients with urgency and diligence giving enough vaccines, cleaning and attended every patient’s wounds and sickness with patience.

Many of them didn’t go home on the critical days of the storm and they had eaten scarcely. I admired people who can cure sick persons and being able to do their job with much dedication. Some of the staff there who helped the hospital staff is under graduates and they only assisted the doctors in scheduling, instructing patients and on not so medical works, they just wanted to help in any way they can. I hope they can continue their education in the field of health even if on online education only just like in Allied health institute who helped in the pursuit of education in the field of allied health. They provide online education to those who cannot study in normal traditional school. That’s achieving your dreams in the most conventional way!


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