Saturday, April 13, 2013

Summer Camp Fellowship Choir

We had so many choir offerings in our recent summer camp meeting fellowship in the Prayer Garden in the hills of Tikling.  Of course the most awaited one was the kids' choir performance where they include toddlers as young as 2-year old children.  Josh seemed taller than before especially that he's behind the younger ones.

 The youth followed after the kids' performance where my two daughters Ruth and Gen were included.  As they entered high school they were baptized and were also promoted to youth.  It's nice seeing my two girls who transformed into teenage ladies now.  I still remember their younger performances in our previous fellowship and they really grow up fast.  They're more serious now and soon they will be playing musical instruments too.

Even without too much practice we - the elder sisters - had our choir songs too, yes not just one but two song offerings. It's our thanksgiving to God for always blessing and taking care of our family.  The last but not the least are the ministers who happily rendered their offered song and finished the testimony to begin the message hour.

With all our best efforts and thankful heart we offered all our songs to God who always guide and protect us all.


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