Tuesday, April 23, 2013

5 Ways to Encourage Kids to Help Out With the Chores

Kids just want to have fun! Of course that’s only natural, as having fun is a major part of childhood. Days filled with play, exploration and creative activities can all stimulate a child’s mind, which is a very important part of a child’s development. However, it is also important to teach children from a young age to be responsible. One way to do this is to encourage them to do their chores. From a very young age, toddlers can be encouraged to put away their toys. At this young age, a big toy box where little ones can put their toys in is ideal. Taking time out to teach them this can make your child more responsible as they grow up. It is also important to give them plenty of encouragement to nurture responsibility.


Use a chart

It is important that they have a routine, so chores listed on a calendar or chart will ensure they understand what their responsibilities are. If the chores are completed satisfactorily on the correct date, a sticker can be placed over that chore. When a certain amount of stickers have been reached, perhaps a small reward would be appropriate. Select something that will encourage your child to enjoy doing chores, such as a play date, extra pocket money, a special food treat, rent a movie or anything that your child particularly likes.


Make chores fun

Even adults know that chores are easier to do with some music on! Let your child choose what music to play while doing their chores. Crank up the music, sing along and time will pass quickly. This is a great idea for older children.


Set time limits

Give them a chore to complete in say, 20 minutes. If it is not done in the time requested, they will have to go to bed early. If the chore is done in the time allocated, they can be rewarded by going to bed a bit later. There are many incentives you can use.


Choose their own reward

Have a list of suitable rewards, such as going to the park, renting a DVD or staying up a bit later. When chores have been completed satisfactorily, let your child select a reward from the list. This will give them something to think about whilst doing their chores and is quite an exciting reward for younger children.


An allowance

Children should have certain chores they do daily. However, if you wish them to do something extra, perhaps you could encourage them with extra money in their allowance. This is a good way to make children understand there are occasions where they will have to work for their money. Many family arguments will be had over doing chores. For parents, this can be an extremely frustrating time. You may get tired of hearing yourself repeat the same thing over and over. Young children love rewards, and something as simple as stickers can work remarkably well at encouraging the task of doing chores. As an adult, you do your chores simply because they have to be done. You have been doing the same tedious tasks for years and years, so from a child’s viewpoint, chores are simply boring. It is important for children to understand that every family member has to do chores; no one is exempt.


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