Monday, April 22, 2013

Gen's Recognition Day

Took my leave from office to attend my daughter's recognition day.  Last year she got the Best in Music award and since she got very good grades she was transferred to cream section together with 2 of her classmates.  She was actually telling me at the start of the school year that she's not that sure to get into the top 5 because all of her classmates are as good as her.  

I told her that when everyone has the knowledge and capabilities it's perseverance that will take you to have the top position.  And even if she will not make it to the top 5 I'll still be proud of her. Now after 10 months of trying to give her best on all school activities, programs and examinations she did it again and got the top 5 honor and Best in TLE award.  This girl who dreamt of collecting medals since she was 3 years old added 2 again on her collection.  Of course we're proud of her but with or without medals we'll still be proud and happy for her because she did her best.


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