Friday, April 30, 2010

What Makes Them Happy

I should be sleeping early tonight as we have activity tomorrow. I’ll bring all my 3 kids to baby Iya’s baptism reception and later in the afternoon we’ll try to swim in the clubhouse big pool. If I’ll sleep late I will be forced to use some eye creams that work so I’d better rest now. The day brings so much pressure on me with regards to planning my time.

I was just glad that I was able to accomplish more than a dozen tasks and still had enough time to go shopping with my kids. We shopped for gifts, their slippers, sandals and did some grocering too. The kids were happy that way, few moments with me at the mall is enough to make them happy. And if that’s what makes them happy I should do it more often. I should leave my work and blog once or twice a week to stroll in the mall with them. That’s fine with me.


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