Friday, April 30, 2010

Finding Long-Lost Friends

I was glad that I was finding my old friends in school in a fast growing site. Upon finding one former classmate I would find another and became busy looking for my whole group in college. It was worth the time as I found my long lost friends there. The feeling is mutual as my friends said to me because they were also looking for me. Had they known that I’m an active blogger they would have found me even in search engine sites only? Well I have noticed that many of us would be needing diet pills in the future because we’re on the same weight rankings lol! Oh well that’s to be blame on metabolism as it slows burning of excess fats.

At least many of us have the same young look as we just bloomed and got bigger but maintained the young-at heart attitude! We’re not going to be old if we stay like we used to be. Happy people stay younger than those who chose to be so serious. Just my thoughts.


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