Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Coffee or Coke?

I’m a bit sleepy and I feel the super hot atmosphere outside. Since I can’t sleep due to some tasks to finish I must grab a Coke Float now to quench my thirst and control my eyes from drooping down. I like this drink from McDo because of the ice cream floating at the top. I’m not a fan of cola but I certainly love ice cream so it's yummy enough for me!

Did you know that colas are better than coffee when you want to stay awake? We had an experiment when we were doing technical proposals several years ago. When our proposals are nearing its deadline we were requested to work 3 days without going home or if we went home we’ll only take a one-hour nap, take a bath and change our clothes so on super critical days we opt to stay in the office for 72 hours and go home when the bidding documents were finished. It’s better that way than consume few hours of traveling back and forth.

Back to controlling our sleep we learned and tested that we stayed awake longer if we drink ice cold cola than hot coffee. The two both contains caffeine but cola has a longer effect on us and we’re able to stay up to 5am with clear vision and mind. It’s not advisable to work without sleep and rest but on those days that we needed to finish bidding documents we have no choice but to survive. I’m glad that those days are gone and now I’m working here in the comfort of my home without boss to declare my working hours.


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