Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Summer Classes

If there’s one thing that I’m thankful about having an internet is the opportunity to earn while you’re at home. It’s a big help for Moms who can’t stay from kids and responsibilities but are capable of working online on their free time. I’m really very thankful that even if I’ve resigned from my job I can still help my husband in supporting our kids’ education and some other needs. This summer I was thinking of studying again and I’m thinking of enrolling in baking courses to have a basic knowledge on baking. I can bake some simple recipes but I want more. I was inspired by my friend who also want a further studies in the field of allied health and was planning to take medical coding training courses online because she’s as busy as me and regular schooling will not be good on her busy schedule.

It’s great having online studies made available nowadays as education should be open for all and in this age of high technology education online schools have their best knowledge in giving quality education online. Who would ever think that online schooling can be a success? It’s not only good for Mothers like me and my friend but also to students who live far from regular schools that offer courses like this.


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