Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Following My Brother’s Footsteps

I saw my nephew’s picture in Facebook wearing tuxedo and I was a little surprised at how fast he has grown to be a young man. The picture was taken in their Junior Senior Prom and he was chosen as one of the Prom Kings. He’s the eldest child of my big brother and the first grandchild of our family thus he got the most attention in the family. I took care of him when he was just barely two years old before I got married and he’s very close to me.

Even until now he will call me just to make him his favorite leche fan and gelatin. He love eating my special recipes and years that transformed him from a child into a teenager didn’t erase the fondness we have for him. He’s still our little charming nephew and now that he’s entering college we’re so concern on his preferred school and the course that he’ll enrolled in. He’s following my brother’s footsteps and will be taking Civil Engineering so he can help his Daddy with their family construction business. I’ll pray for his success.


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