Thursday, March 18, 2010

Extra Energy to Beat the Sun’s Heat

The sun’s heat starting at 10 in the morning up to 3 in the afternoon is not conducive to healthy well-being. If you’re out in the sun within these hours you’ll feel the heat on your face that will drain most of your energy. I think only those who are taking energy drinks and hgh releasers will survive the sun’s harmful effects. It was known to increase energy and revitalizes as well.

Had I known that our morning errands would do harm we wouldn’t give in to our food cravings. My little boy accompanied me when I went out past ten in the morning the other day. We walked to meat store, rice cake store, bakery and fruit stand for our regular supply of fibrous fruits. Josh complained of his stomach and immediately I surmised that the heat affected him. It was yesterday when he felt the stomach pain that resulted from over exposure to sun. Yes the heat can make your stomach cringe, can make your blood pressure rise up and it can make you suffer from the usual skin diseases prevalent every summer. I promised myself to find time to do my errands earlier as I’m beginning to develop headache when I go out at lunch time.


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