Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mom's Day

This is a late post of our celebration of Mom's day last 2 weeks.  We celebrated on the evening of 11th to avoid the crowd and to allow ourselves more time to enjoy our bonding.  We have fellowship on Sunday and it would be so late if we will have dinner at 8-9pm.  Anyway it's just a simple dinner with husband, kids, my sister and of course my Mom.  We always do it together - two Moms' celebration every year in one dinner.  Strolling through the mall near us we just ask them where they want to eat.  Since the kids like halo halo and cakes we ate at Goldilocks to enjoy what they want.

After dinner Mom and sister went home because Mom was tired already and wanted to rest earlier while we enjoyed the remaining few hours at the World of Fun.  Kids just love celebrating occasions with playing at the arcade as our final stop over.  Well the kids in us prompted us to play also and I enjoyed baseball and basketball so much, of course with my kids beside me.

Here are some pics to cap the bonding and fun:


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