Sunday, November 25, 2007

Earthquake in the City

Earthquake rocked Metropolis again but with a slight intensity this time. I was informed by my friends in our office that a slight tremor was felt while we were having our lunch break. I was a bit late in eating my lunch so I didn't really noticed it. So full of things to do in my list that even an earthquake wasn't able to penetrate my busy mind lol! Anyway earthquakes were really expected in areas in the Pacific because the Philippine archipelago is in the Pacific' Ring of Fire'. To set up the record it was only Intensity #2 here in Quezon City, 3 in Manila and I heard 6 in Baguio City, I heard an earlier report that it was only 4.2 there but a friend running a business in Baguio City informed me through text that indeed it was an Intensity 6. Glad my sister's Planning Seminar was held there last Friday up to Sunday, whew! just 3 days difference! God is really good! ALL THE TIME!



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