Sunday, November 18, 2007

An Evening With Jen

I had a nice birthday evening dinner with my bestfriend JennyL and high school batchmate Helen, we're all from CCS. We dined at Don Henricos' though Jen was eyeing and craving for some steak. Our feet ached but we saw no sign of a fine dining resto that serve steak. If I knew she wants steak I should have brought her to Shangri-la or Greenhills because my boss owns a steak house there - the Tender Bob's Steaks. But anyway the night was young and we had plenty of chikkas to share and laugh about. As for me I love the food in Don Henricos. We ordered buffalo wings (my all-time favorite there), fettucini ala king with giant garlic bread lol! and caesar's salad.
Dinner went well coupled with reminiscing high school days filled with memories of old friends, years of intramurals, foundation days, the lenient and strict teachers, the good and bad image classmates, the crushes and a lot more. We talked about the years succeeding that when we had to deal with different set of friends and course of life. Really nice spending time with good old friends, time flies so fast the night was not enough for stories. Jen and I were always like that full of stories just like the old days, we never seemed to run out of chikka, that's what we get from being inseparables since 2nd year high. Hard to say goodbye for the night.


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