Friday, December 21, 2007

It's My Birthday Today!

Cake and Roses for my birthday! That's what hubby has bought for my birthday, he never fails to give me white roses every birthday and anniversary.

I spent half of my day with my girls' party in school, as PTA officer we arranged some activities and games to make their christmas party merrier. They were so happy with the parlor games, prizes, gifts and giveaways. I brought Josh along and he also got a loot bag. JennyL and Micah visited me in the evening, I cooked fried chicken and served them with pork barbeque, grilled squid (my favorite) and ice cream. We were late for my visitors as I've done my final shopping for our Tagaytay Fellowship but Jen and Micah was entertained by Josh, he never runs out of stories so my visitors were not mad at me when I reached home lol! I'm glad my fried chicken was a hit to Micah because in Australia they never had crispy chicken, they baked chicken.


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