Monday, December 3, 2007

Mom Rosing's Birthday!

It's Mom's Rosing birthday, my very nice and understanding mother-in-law whose like a mother to me also. A sweet granny to my kids, a very lovable mother to Ed and his siblings and a sweet mom-in-law to me. What more ca you ask for? I was truly blessed by our Lord in giving me such a nice and honest person for a biyenan. Others are having a hard time pleasing the mothers of their husband, doing everything just to please them but still some of them can't win the hearts of their husband's mothers.

We had pancit by Joeys to celebrate her birthday and for her 'long life' as always heard by Filipinos. Have given her a very formal and special peach blouse for her to wear on special occasions. She's a very simple woman and whatever I gave her she always treasures. A very appreciative woman also. My eldest daughter Ruth got her looks, they're like half apples lol! Pretty and bedimpled! All of my kids have dimples and they got it from her, strong blood!! I wish that she'll be happy always!


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