Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Father's Birthday

It's my father birthday today but since he's passed away already I just offered him a prayer. Oh how I loved my father when he's still here, I was the family's DADDY's girl because I was the one who resembled him the most especially my looks. Neighbours used to call me Girl Junior lol! He's like a jack-of-all trade in his job, skills and talents. He's an architect and engineer of our big house, a lawyer by studies, a government servant in occupation and profession - he served our town as municipal secretary for twenty years with a clean record, a businessman, a tailor, a speech writer (that's where I got my flair for writing), has talent in music and a very lovable husband and father.

Because Tatay as I fondly called him was a very responsible and understanding husband I had difficulty in finding a man like him. I just can't be attracted to a person who has looks but don't have depth or sense. I didn't looked or search for a man similar to him but the Lord find and gave me a man of God to be my partner for life. That's my blessing for LIFE.


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