Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Reminiscing Ed's Birthday

It’s hubby's birthday today and I can’t help to remember 13 years ago when he had his first birthday with me, can’t forget Jan.22, 1995 just a month and a half after I committed myself into a different stage of relationship with him and that’s accepting his love proposition. We were best friends for nearly two years then and just realized that we can’t be just special friends, he wanted a deeper commitment and that’s entering the bf/gf relationship. After we committed ourselves to each other he asked me right there and then when will I want to marry him because he’ll start saving for our wedding. He then gave me his ATM so I can handle his finances for a better saving plan.

We kept this commitment a secret to our friends and church mates (my family knew of course!) so when his birthday came up and my church mates asked and teased him for some blowout they caught him asking me for money to buy food. They were puzzled as best friends don’t do that - sharing money you know lol! – That’s the time that we have to announce that we’re ON. So his birthday turned into a real celebration because our friends were so happy for us and their speculations were confirmed as they sensed something different in us for the past weeks.

This incident of breaking out news led to a schedule of counseling with our Pastor, in our church we have counseling for girl-boy relationship to set out the rules and the Do’s and Don’ts (really strict lol). Commitment is a very special thing as when you say I Love You it’s vowing to God that you and the person you love will promise to be loyal to each other. It’s a serious kind of thing for born-again Christians to profess love for a fellow christian. The promise must not be taken for granted. We prayed for this relationship and love to be guided by God and to carry us through our lives. And here we are married and still deeply in love for nearly 12 years. GOD is Really Good …….All The Time.
Picture - Ed and Me at Picnic Grove April 1996 before our wedding


Ritchelle February 11, 2008 at 7:32 AM  

I love your how your love story started,wow oy ka ka in-love!hahaha

Cecile May 6, 2009 at 12:44 PM  

What a love story to tell! I am so happy for you, Race :-)!

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