Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ciudad Christia's Nine Waves

Had fun in Ciudad Christia’s Nine Waves, it’s like an outing of the Abug and Tebrero family. It’s also a birthday celebration of Ate Zeny’s daughter Megan who just turned 9 last January 24. As they flew all the way from England to have a 2-week vacation here they chose to celebrate Megan’s birthday here in the Philippines to be with her Filipino relatives especially her cousins. Got plenty of food – cakes, pasta, maja, biko, hotdogs, barbeques, lumpiang shanghai and ubod, adobo, egg pies, I can’t remember all lol!
The place was nice and the waves were great as the pool resembles a seaside with waves rolling down the pool like you’re in a beach. Kids were shouting and yelling as the watery waves splashed unto their bodies almost toppling them down. I didn’t swam as Ed wasn’t there to watch over them, I’m like a life guard watching my three kids’ as they endlessly swam the water. They only rest to eat some food and during the singing of happy birthday to Megan. Megan was also happy as she patiently blew the candle amidst the wind. Glad she liked my kids’ gift though it was only a Word Factory. Ate Zeny told me that she likes playing that game. Actually it’s my favorite game when I was a kid (until now lol). I had difficulty in convincing my kids to stop swimming to get ready for home as they really never want to go home J. Had lots of food so we all packed some pasalubong for those who didn’t make it to Megan’s birthday.


jennyr February 21, 2008 at 10:55 PM  

looks like a fun day! i can't wait to visit Phils.!!! I'm just so excited and your photos aren't helping at all, LoL! Just kiddin'!

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