Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lola Has Passed Away

We were on Nanay Rosing's house last Saturday when we learned that my hubby's granny died early in the morning. It was a sad thing for me as Ed hasn't paid her a visit a couple of months now since his job took most of his time leaving him just the Sunday Fellowship to attend to, no more time for visiting relatives and his family in fairview. Lola Sima was a really nice granny, whenever I call her from my office she always has a lot of stories to tell, she even talked to me in Waray language forgetting that I won't be able to understand her but nevertheless it was always fun talking to her, I'll surely miss that.

After Sunday service we headed straight to Lola even if our backlight failed, we just traveled in moderate speed with hazard lights on. With God's guidance we reached the place safely but we never risked ourselves into traveling again at night, we waited for the light in the morning before we finally go home. We stayed the night there with Ed's Uncle giving hubby's important documents stored in their house, my hubby stayed with his Lola, Uncle and Auntie when he's still single before we got married. So his uncle is like a father to him also.

During our short stay there amidst the visitors who paid visits to Lola, Ed had a nice sharing with Uncle Floren about our faith and God's word. He has an open-minded heart so their sharing went smoothly. I just can't control my tired eyes and body and decided to rest for a while and after some minutes they also rested leaving Uncle and one relative to watch over. We wanted to stay more but the kids will go to school before 7am so at around 5am we headed home just in time for the kids' service and for me to prepare our things for our office works. Ed will be there later in the evening again and will stay the night again.


~ leonore aquino ~ February 12, 2008 at 12:03 PM  

Hi Race dear, uy lam ko malungkot ka kc wala jan si Jenny. And Condolences hah...btw, tinag kita hah. See yah!

Anonymous ,  February 17, 2008 at 8:48 PM  

Condolence po from our family.

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