Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lola's Memorial

We've made ourselves ready early in the morning for final goodbye to Lola 'coz we didn't want to be late. Had my kids clothed with white tops as instructed by Ed's mom. Travel to Sandigan area was quite long, it took us an hour and a half crossing from Cainta to Marikina to San Mateo and finally to Litex. I'm all alone with my three kids as my hubby wasn't allowed to go onleave again as he's on leave for a couple of days already within the week. We've finally made it through Litex and there the whole clan of Abug was there, a big clan I should say. As we made our way inside the house we were introduced to relatives, aunties and uncles, Josh love the attention that he's getting, this kid is really not a shy one. After a couple of hours, we readied all things and finally made our way to St. Peter's Memorial Park, a 30-minute ride and there we found ourselves near the place they called "Erap City". Felt like you're in a park in a province, very new and serene place. With this ambience Uncle Floren, Auntie Lily, Tatay and Uncle Titoy said their goodbyes and offered their prayers to their mother together with all the nieces, nephews, grandkids and relatives of Lola. She's now rested in peace.


jennyr February 21, 2008 at 10:54 PM  

sorry to hear this...i remembered my 1st trip back home, it was my lola's funeral too! i know she needs to rest and just so sad to see her go. we always have great memories with out lola and lolo kaya nakaka-iyak din if i reminisce those times...

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